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Experience the finest tastes and smell of maturing wines in this greek viniculture tour.



WEAR Casual dressing with flat comfy shoes,a hat and dont forget your camera!
Transportation with escort and private driver.
Pick up from Heraklion city hotels.
Professional English speaking guide.
Wine tasting session.
Snack included.
All Transfers as mentioned
All Taxes
Travel Insurance
Personal expenses

An insight into regional viniculture, a key element of the island’s culture, this creative market to table activity highlights the wine drinking experience of Crete.

Friendly and informal, it features a visit to the Cretan Winery, with enjoyment of the countryside views, followed by wine tasting to a guest hall next to the oak barrels.

The location has been selected for its character and ambience, which makes for a perfect backdrop. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, guests discover the Cretan wine making tradition.So if you are a wine lover there is no better place to satisfy your passion and discover new smells and tastes.



The age-old practice of viniculture is still an integral part of Cretan life: we cordially invite you to continue your journey through fertile vineyards to the local winery.

The today’s wine cellar visit includes tastes of superb wines maturing in oak barrels; and a guest hall where wines are enjoyed next to delicious plates of the local, yet renowned Mediterranean cuisine.The surrounding let visitors enjoy the views of the countryside and the magnificent estate vineyard.

This is the Cretan Winery, worthy of the island’s history and a landmark for the vinicultural future of Greece. The estate lies just outside the village of  Skalani, on the road towards the village of Myrtia, birthplace of the famous Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis. It is situated within the Arhanes vine-growing region, a distrinct producing “Appelation d’origine”.


In contrast to what many people believe about Greek cuisine, you will discoverer that “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki” (Greek salad) are not the only worthwhile Greek dish.

The time of the day when Greeks gather around the table to enjoy a meal or various hors d’oeuvres (mezedes) with ouzo is a tradition that every Greek maintains with reverence. A deeply entrenched social custom is when Greeks share a meal with friends at home, in a restaurant or a tavern. The Greek word “symposium” -a word that is as old as Greece itself- literally means “drinking with friends”. The atmosphere in an ordinary Greek restaurant or tavern is relaxing, simple and informal. The preparation of the food on the other hand has its own sacred rules. Good amateur cooks are highly respected in their social circle, while a good housewife in Greece mainly signifies a good cook. And a good cook can spend days preparing a meal for his/her friends.es. Greek cuisine consists of a large variety of dishes that can fully satisfy the gastronomic quests of both vegetarians and meat lovers.

Sip a glass of ouzo or wine with grilled octopus or any other Greek dish while sitting under the shade of a tree in a small tavern by the sea on an island in the Aegean. When you return home, try to repeat this experience by preparing the same meal and serving the same drink. Wherever you try to repeat this, you will soon realize that it does not taste the same. It’s not that something is wrong with your palate or your culinary skills; it’s that the Greek ritual when eating a meal –mainly a combination of what you are eating and where you are eating it- cannot be repeated, extracted or copied. It is simply something you can only find, taste and enjoy in Greece.

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