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Only 45 minutes away is Tinos, the gorgeous neighbor island of Mykonos. Being three times bigger it has a lot to offer.


The meeting point is the New port of Mykonos-Tourlos (Port Cafeteria) at 12.00.

WEAR To visit the Monastery men have to wear long trousers (Not the 3/4 ones), women skirts, dresses or long trousers. Knees and shoulders must be covered in any case
DIFFICULTY Due to extend walking and slippery surfaces please inform us if you have walking disabilities or using a wheelchair before booking this tour.
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Tinos town have the most famous and important church of Greece, the Evangellistria, with its miraculous icon and magic atmosphere

After a 45 min boat trip we arrive at the port of Tinos, the gorgeous neighbor of Mykonos, where the bus waits for us. We drive over the big pilgrim avenue to the most famous church of Greece the “Evangellistria” with its holy icon, which is believed to do wondrous deeds.

After these overwhelming impressions, we leave Tinos town and the bus takes us over winding roads past typical villages and picturesque landscapes to the monastery of “Kechrovouni” situated 500 m. high. Here the nun “Pelagia” used to live and here she had the vision to go to Tinos Town and find the holy icon early 19th century. We explore the monastery of the 16th century where 80 nuns live and besides visiting the cell of Pelagia, have the chance to see many pretty points of whitewashed buildings and churches, full of beautiful flowers.

Our bus tour continues to the important historic mountain of “Exobourgo” where the great Venetian castle was situated which in the past was the strongest force of the whole of Greece against the Turkish invaders. Here we have a photo stop. Afterwards we drive to the other side of Exobourgo where the Catholic villages of the island are located. We stop in the old traditional village of “Volax” which is famous for its basket making. Here we also have the chance for a coffee break before exploring the village and visiting the local basket makers.

Our tour continues to the fertile downs of Komi where we pass through the agricultural areas of the island and stop to see the lemon groves before driving over the panorama road with breathtaking views to the sea and the other islands to the fishing village “Panormos”. Here we have lunch in a traditional taverna by the sea which offers a very tasty variety of local dishes as well as excellent fresh fish from the charcoal grill. There is also the possibility to go for a swim.

Our next stop is in the village “Pirgos”, the center of the marble arts and of the marble region of the island. We visit the local artists and can see them at their work before exploring the village which is completely made from marble. Further impressive sites are the church Agios Nikolaos and the grave yard at its rear both also full of marble art. At the old and peaceful village square we have time for a coffee break.

After Pirgos the bus goes back on the panorama road towards Tinos town and our last stop before that is at the valley of the pigeon houses. We walk through the village of “Tarambados” and can enjoy the beautiful site of the pretty setting of the old Venetian pigeon houses. Afterwards we drive back to Tinos town where we have free time before meeting at the port and returning to Mykonos.

Our Lady of Tinos

(Greek: Panagía Evangelístria “The All-Holy Bringer of Good News”, is the major Marian shrine in Greece. It is located in the town of Tinos on the island of Tinos.The complex is built around a miraculous icon which according to tradition was found after the Virgin appeared to the nun Pelagia and revealed to her the place where the icon was buried. The icon is widely believed to be the source of numerous miracles. It is by now almost completely encased in silver, gold, and jewels. The icon was found on the very first days after the creation of the modern Greek State, henceforth Our Lady of Tinos was declared the patron saint of the Greek nation. The icon was at the time thought to be the handwork of St. Luke the Evangelist, a possibility that can neither be confirmed nor ruled out, and a nationwide fund collection was carried out for the building of a church to house it. The church, built in the Renaissance style, was inaugurated in 1830 and since then it constitutes the major Christian pilgrimage in Greece, equal to what is Lourdes in France or Fatima in Portugal. The church receives a vast number of donations in silver and gold votives each year; these are auctioned and used for charities. The church is officially dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. The major feast of the church, however, is on 15 August when the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Theotokos) is commemorated by the Greek Orthodox Church, following the strong tradition of the Aegean Islands where the Dormition is grandly celebrated in mid-August as the principal summer feast.

Kekrovouni monastery

The monastery of Kechrovouni lies on a steep slope above the sea level, 500m away from the village of Arnados. Founded by three women of a rich Tinian family in the 10th century, this monastery is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Greece. According to traditions, these three women had a vision of Panagia pointing at a certain area on the mountain where they should built three cells. In that area there were already three churches. The women decided to build the cells southern to the indicated point since there were harsh winding conditions and the area was full of snakes. In the morning they constructed the cells but at night they were demolished and the tools were found at the indicated point. So, the cells were built where the vision indicated and they are the basic construction of the monastery. This is the monastery where the nun Pelagia, who found the miraculous icon of Evaggelismos, lived. Every year on July 23 the Tinians celebrate the grace of Agia Pelagia in great honors. In the morning the miraculous icon is transferred to the monastery and in the afternoon it comes back to Chora followed by the Metropolitans, priests, nuns and a great number of believers. Pelagia was proclaimed Agia (Saint) in 1970.

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