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Want to learn why everyone talks about the greek night entertainment? Well here is  your change with this 3 hour night-out activity that will show you everything you need to know about the greek local entertainment.


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This is for everyone that wants to learn more about the notorious greek night entertainment.Watch and learn the famous Syrtaki dance that everyone talks about and as the night progresses see with the greek night life is one of the most enjoyable.Break plates, one of the most greek ways of showing you are having fun, at your wish.Drink amazing local wines and enjoy local plates that will surely help satisfy your taste buds. Our night-out includes:

  • Taste local delicious plates and enjoy the famous Santorini wines!
  • Enjoy a spectacular show with greek dances and dancers dressed in the traditional costumes and fire dancing!
  • Learn how to dance Syrtaki!
  • Break plates! Opa!
  • Open Buffet menu with starters, main dishes, dessert and drinks

Plate smashing:Plate smashing is a Greek custom involving the smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. In popular culture, the practice is most typical of foreigners’ stereotypical image of Greece, and while it occurs more rarely today, it continues to be seen on certain occasions, such as weddings, although plaster plates are more likely to be used.

Sirtaki or syrtaki:Sirtaki or syrtaki is a popular dance of Greek origin, choreographed by Giorgos Provias for the 1964 film Zorba the Greek. It is a recent Greek folkdance, and a mixture of the slow and fast rhythms of the hasapiko and hasaposerviko dance respectively. The dance and the accompanying music by Míkis Theodorakis are also called Zorbá’s dance, Zorbas, or “the dance of Zorba”.

Santorinian wines:Wine has been produced in Santorini since ancient times, but it was during the Middle Ages that the wine of Santorini became famous worldwide under the influence of the Republic of Venice. The Italian influence is still present in modern Santorini winemaking: the most famous Tuscan sweet wine is called Vin Santo. Santorini’s Vin Santo (labeled “Vinsanto” to differentiate it from the Tuscan wine) is made in a passito style from grapes dried in the sun after harvest. Santorini also produces blended and rosé wine made from white grapes such as Athiri, Aidini and Assyrtiko, and red grapes such as Mandelaria.

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