Island Romance

Greece is the birthplace of the winged God Eros, the son of Aphrodite; the God that with his quiver and arrows inspired artists and writers over the centuries to praise the virtues of love.

Add to this: Golden beaches, crystal-clear water, tanning beneath a hot sun, delicious cocktails and luxury hotels with spa facilities and you have the best -on earth- place to get married, spend your honeymoon and – of course- to renew your wows.

Beauty in Greece is exquisite; timeless; unspoiled. It was in this sacred landscape that love was born. . Whether you are looking for an ideal Greece honeymoon package or just a romantic getaway, the beauty and diversity of the Greek landscape forms the most romantic backdrop to celebrate your love.

Let us make this part of your lifea a memorable moment!


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Greek Island Romance

What a superb vacation program, featuring the most romantic islands in Greece. Beautiful beaches, panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets.

13 Days
Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini