Is the sun always shining in Athens?

Is the sun always shining in Athens?


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Greece?

Sun and Sea!  and you are right! But have you ever thought what happens in winter time? I guess you think for a moment and then say: Well the sea is still there but the sun? Is the sun always shining in Greece?

Well, as a native Aθenian I must say that the sun is always there when we need him to be there for us.

Last Monday it snowed in Athens! It started around 7:30 in the afternoon and by 11 the city was covered in snow.

Most of the people were happy and a bit worried at the same time, as snow is something we are unfamiliar with. Breaking news on television, schools closed, people were skiing on the city’s pedestrian roads!!!  Many unusual scenes took place this day…

This lasted for a day and then, the next morning people were tired of the snow, tired of trying not to break a leg, tired of being cold.

And then, there it was ! His majesty- the sun- shined for maybe about 4 hours. And people were relieved and smiling again! And breathed in all the energy the sun gave them.

Welcome back sun! 😎

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