Month: December 2018

Christmas is the time of year that is most connected with family activities, a nice warm house and gifts. But what is a better gift than a nice trip accompanied by some tours with your family to one of the most joyful country to spend your Christmas, Greece. Let’s dive in and see what makes this holiday season in Greece, starting with Athens, so special.

Athens is more than just archaeological sightseeing, in fact it’s a unique way to experience sea, sun and snow, all in one trip!

If you want to enjoy the view of the Greek sea, then Sounio is the place for you. Cape Sounio, rises like a sheer cliff out of the sea. You can visit the 5th century B.C. Temple of Poseidon with one of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the world (on a clear day you can see at least seven islands). This tour will cover all your needs.

But let’s say, since it’s winter time, you want to stray a bit further from the center of Athens and go for some skiing in the Parnassos mountain. A 2-hour drive will get you there and if you want to combine skiing with archaeological sightseeing then this 2 day Delphi tour will do just that since it allows you to take some time off the tour and go visit the ski center.

But what if you want to stay in the city and get some gifts for your loved ones. Well, right in the heart of Athens, near Acropolis, there is Ermou pedestrian street one of the most well-known shopping streets to cover all your needs. And what better case scenario than to combine your shopping with some guided tours that will show you Athens sights, culinary and nightlife.